Using PerlCtrl I've created an ActiveX Control that I'm seeing some issues with. When I call my control via a VBScript it functions as expected and the DialogBox displays fine.
However, when the 3rd party application that I wrote the control for calls the control, the DialogBox never appears. I've redirected stdout/err to a file and added the diagnostic package to my code.
The point in my code where the error is occurring is:
 my $main = Win32::GUI::DialogBox->new(
                 -name   => "Main",
                 -text => "Config",
                 -width  => 314,
                 -height => 347,
                 -top => 200,
                 -left => 200,
And the error that is being produced is:
   Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /PerlApp/Win32/ line 505 (#1)
I took a peek at the source for and line 505 is:
    my $handle = Win32::GUI::Create($self, $type, @input);
So I took the liberty of adding some Data::Dumper calls to preceding the above line for $self, $type, and @input. The results were:
$VAR1 = bless( {}, 'Win32::GUI::DialogBox' );
$VAR1 = 1;

$VAR1 = [
This obviously shows that the variables in question do in fact contain data.
So before I go nuts following this deeper into and adding debug statements to the Create() function and so on, does anyone have any ideas? Also, please advise me if this thread would be better suited in the PDK mailing list.