Ok. Some more info.
I'm scaling the control in the _Resize handler of the window. I've just tried InvalidateRect and had some interesting results. If the InvalidateRect is used in the Resize handler nothing happens but if InvalidateRect is included an another event, then the control is redrawn correctly. As for the grey, same grey as the window background (same for the grid control).
The Grid control is by Laurent, and is in C - from memory there might have been a board associated with the control too.
23 windows and just under 500 controls - and still growing:)
If you want me to try anything else, drop me an email.
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Aha. I know what this is.
A few Windows controls draw themselves (or parts of themselves) outside the WM_PAINT DefWndProc. Most should draw in WM_PAINT, but a very few (like RichEdits, if I remember correctly) draw when some other messages are posted, such as "i have been modified" messages etc. In other words, they handle their own redrawing by sending themselves messages internally. I'd have to spend some time on MSDN checking out where RichEdits actually draw themselves, but I don't have time to dig into that right at this minute.
There will obviously need to be a few special cases for controls that don't work quite as expected. Are you resizing the richedit control with the window (scaling it in the window's xxx_Resize handler), or is it just the window on it's own that you are resizing? What happens if you InvalidateRect on the richedit control whenever the window is being resized? You say you're left with an empty grey control. Is the grey a different grey to the window background? If you're left with a dark grey box that at least tells me that SOMETHING is being done on WM_PRINT, probably - as you said - just the groundwork for subsequent drawing of the control contents.
I believe the grid control you mentioned is one of Laurent's modules and it uses some third party opensource grid control code written in C, I think he links to it on his site so I can have a look through that code and find out just why that particular control isn't drawing right. One hopes that WM_PRINT is implemented there.
23 windows?!
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Unfortunately I never received the original email from the list - spam filters are at work stopping me receiving some of the posts. I've rejoined under a different email address.

My app is fairly complex, with hundreds of controls and 23 windows. The fact that -noflicker works so well is impressive.

The symptoms of the RichEdit control are similar to Grid in that the contents arenít visible until the control is changed (say by moving the scroll bar). On a resize you can *sometimes* (difficult to reproduce on a consistent basis) see the flash of the original contents of the RichEdit - all you are left with is an empty grey control. By the looks of things the RichEdit draws itself in two phases, the first it greys out the contents, and paints the bounding box, and in the second it paints the contents. Does this make any sense?

Iíd be happy to supply examples. I'll try the suggestions you made.



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Yes yes yes.
As was posted in the mail regarding the -noflicker option, as was written in the documentation for the noflicker option, and as was noted in the changelog for the noflicker option: IT BREAKS STUFF. If it didnt, it wouldnt be an option.
I'm gratified to see that most of the stuff it's broken for you is nonstandard Win32::GUI stuff (I mean, not part of Win32::GUI itself but add-ons). I'm surprised that it breaks RichEdit, but not surprised that it breaks Graphics.
The -noflicker option should be considered an alpha fix, something that I'm working on. You may be able to solve the problem you experience with disappearing richedit controls by calling InvalidateRect on them, or adding PRF_OWNED to the delivery of the WM_PRINT message in the CommonMsgLoops section of the GUI_MessageLoops.cpp file.
Incidentally, the reason it breaks Graphics is because Graphics is just a DC, and thus is not "drawn" into a parent DC, but is stand-alone. WM_PRINT won't capture the contents of other DCs, it simply tells a widget to draw itself into the given DC, and one can't draw a DC into a DC.
As far as RichEdit goes, I'm guessing it simply doesnt support WM_PRINT at all. It will require some looking into, and if all else fails making a compromise by just making the RichEdit and Graphics controls flicker like they used to.
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I've been testing with the latest source and I've found various issues with the -noflicker option.
All the following controls resize correctly, but the contents aren't visible until the user interacts with the control (say moving a scroll bar). The contents of the control is windows grey.
* Win32::GUI::Grid
* Win32::GUI::Scintilla
* RichEdit
The following controls resize correctly, and the contents are correct but the control still flickers.
* Win32::GUI::AxWindow
* Graphic control
I've had a look through the source - but didn't get anywhere. I can provide examples if needed.
Other than the issues, a great option. Nice work.