Hi All,

I am still trying everything in the GUI packages and I have some few
questions that I can not find a clue:

1)-When I use image on button, if you disable the button, the button is
completely dark grayed.
Is there a solution to select the grayed color or image:

$SaveAsImage  = new GUI::Bitmap('saveas.bmp',0,22, 22);
$SaveAsButton = $MainWindow->AddButton(
       -text    => "Save As",
       -name    => "SaveAsButton",
       -left    => 510,
       -top     => 440,
       -width   => 22,
       -height  => 22,
       -foreground    => 0,
  -visible=> 0,
  -tabstop    => 1,
  -tip=>"Save As",

2)-Is  there a way to switch between colors in the Listview, i.e. display
each row with different color

I can not even change the Listview foreground and background colors:

$Listview = $MainWindow->AddListView(
       -text    => "",
       -name    => "Listview",
       -left    => 408,
       -top     => 372,
       -width   => 252,
       -height  => 128,
  -visible=> 0,
  -addstyle     => WS_CHILD | WS_VSCROLL|WS_HSCROLL| 1,
  #-gridlines => 1,
  -checkboxes => 1, # see ItemCheck(INDEX)
  #-hottrack   => 1,
  -tabstop    => 1,
  -background => $BGColor,
  -foreground => $ForColor,
$ListviewC1 = $Listview->InsertColumn(
    -index => 0,
    -width =>245,
    -text  => "First Name",
 -visible=> 0,

3)- Progressbar: How to change the colors or Not.

4)- The status bar, you can not control its size or location, looks normal!.

5)- If I use the AddGroupBox to pack a group of controls, works very fine
except it disables the functions on the kids like the colors and Tabs.

6)-The Textfield in Multiline  mode, does not accept Enter when it is
by AddGroupBox, it only accepts Ctrl+Tab, any work around for this.

It would be very nice if anyone how has a good experiance and built a larg
using this GUI if he post a some code to help others understand the clues of
the functions
instead of everyone new is just trying and guessing.

Thanks all