I've just come across a problem with the updown control when using the SetBuddy, Buddy and GetBuddy methods - they all cause a crash.
All these methods attempt to return the previous (or current) buddy control and it crashes in this part - I suspect that these methods have not been updated as Win32::GUI changed over time - I doubt that they have worked for a long time.
I can fix it so that these methods no long cause a crash but I'm not 100% sure if I can "fix" them so that they return the buddy as a Win32::GUI object. To be honest, I'm not sure if it's actually desirable to return a new Win32::GUI object in this case since it might have strange effects when this Perl object is destroyed (therefore potentially destroying the windows handle too).
I propose that I change these methods so that they no longer crash and until someone knows what they I doing I'll change the return parameter to the handle of the buddy. I'll also update some of the documentation while I'm at it.
Does anyone have issues with this?