Hi all,
I have commit new Win32::GUI code in CVS [Module : Win32-GUI, Branch : HEAD].
Changelog :
    - New Base code :
        + Separate each control in a specific XS file.
        + Add callback function for each control (onPreCreate, onParseOption, onPostCreate, onParseEvent, OnEvent).
        + Rewrite Event Loop.
        + Merge all event firing code in on function (DoEvent) for OEM and NEM.
        + New DoModal function.
        + Improve Change method.
        + Add lot of control Win32 API method. (Keep alphabetical order and standard API name).        
        + Add new events for control.
        + Some Clean Up.
        + Reduce size of allocate structure per window.
        + Add Perl context handling.
        + and more...
    - Fix doc tools generator (DoDoc.pl and DoHtml.pl)
I have add docs and samples directory in CVS too for have a complet tree.
In docs, you can found two scripts :
    dodoc.pl : for generate pod files from sources codes.
    dohtml.pl : for transform pod to html.
In Samples, i have commit one sample i made for show EOM/NEM/BOTH event model.