Not about TGL, but how about OASIS?  We use it heavily to review our fellow developers code(docs).
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Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 2:36 PM
Subject: Re: [The GUI Loft] The future of GUI programming in Perl?

At 19:16 2006-10-19, Dave wrote (on the TGL list):
>Since loft is no longer in development, I was wondering if anyone is aware
>of similar software for win32::gui ? After upgrading to 1.04 today it made
>me realize the controls we are missing out on. Does anyone know of another
>Win32::GUI wysiwyg for Perl? I have tried the one that comes with Komodo and
>was less than impressed.

If anyone is interested in taking over as maintainer of The GUI Loft,
that's fine with me.


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