I AM VERY GLAD because now can there will be rebirth PERL for Windows, thanks!
If will allow me I want to offer some themes for creativity;) I do not know as it to carry out: (
It will be very good to use:
Styles for buttons (and for others), for example WS_EX_STATICEDGE,
Hints for controls,
For Dialogbox it's necessary to make "alive" the button "?".
>I believe that the 670 version has some old hooks code in it, this version is available as a ppm on
>sourceforge. The latest CVS from the 665 branch is the one you want for best functionality. What
>errors do you get on compile, and what compiler are you using?
 Thanks, Steve.

I have taken from Activestate distribution kit ActivePerl- (earlier I used ActivePerl-5.6.1), and taken not compiled package Win32-GUI-0.0.665. Now has taken all new files from CVS repository and has replaced old on new. Used NMAKE15 for compilation and has received blib directory. Compilation has passed without mistakes.

But I have not found GUI.DLL here, and perl have told to me "Can't locate loadable object for module Win32::GUI in @INC ..." end :(

First I think that this package ActivePerl- is not "multi-thread", and so I have a mistake.Then I have put PPM Win32-GUI-0.0.670, and it work! I have made something not correctly. I do not understand :(

Any ideas?