Hi All,

    I made a new package for add a Grid control to Win32::GUI.
    See more at : http://perso.club-internet.fr/rocherl/Win32GUI.html#Grid
    (documentation, source code + sample, ppm package for ActivePerl 5.6 & 5.8)
    I use MFC Grid control 2.24 by Chris Maunder from CodeProject.com
    See : http://www.codeproject.com/miscctrl/gridctrl.asp
    After some search, i found a way to use a MFC control in perl extension and use it with Win32::GUI.
    You probably need MFC42.dll for use it.
    Actually, all basics functions are availlable.
    In my todo list :
       - Correct Crash if exit during cell editing.
       - Custom Sort method
       - Virtual Mode
       - New cell edit control (Combobox, ...)
       - Printing support (?)
       - Drag and drop (?)