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The first section is an API call to show the standard printer dialog, the second section is an example from the Win32::NPRG module.
It detects your installed printers, you can select a printer, and it prints a little example to the selected printer.
#!perl -w
use strict;
# Win32::API GDI printer test code
use ExtUtils::testlib;
use Win32::Wingraph;
use Win32::NPRG qw(drawmatrix);
use Win32::API;
my $PrintDialog = new Win32::API('comdlg32', 'PrintDlg', ['P'],  'N');
my $GlobalLock = new Win32::API('kernel32', 'GlobalLock', ['N'], 'N');
my $GlobalFree = new Win32::API('kernel32', 'GlobalFree', ['N'], 'N');
my $GetDeviceCaps = new Win32::API('gdi32', 'GetDeviceCaps', ['N','N'], 'N');
my $GetTextMetrics = new Win32::API('gdi32', 'GetTextMetrics',['N','P'], 'N');
my $StartDoc = new Win32::API('gdi32', 'StartDoc', ['N', 'P'] , 'N');
my $StartPage = new Win32::API('gdi32', 'StartPage', ['N'], 'N');
my $TextOut = new Win32::API('gdi32', 'TextOut',['N','I','I','P','I'], 'N');
my $EndPage = new Win32::API('gdi32', 'EndPage', ['N'], 'N');
my $EndDoc = new Win32::API('gdi32', 'EndDoc', ['N'], 'N');
my $GetLastError =   new Win32::API('kernel32', 'GetLastError',   [],'N');
my $FormatMessage =  new Win32::API('kernel32', 'FormatMessage',['N','P','N','N','P','N','P'],'N');
sub ShowError {
   my $function = shift;
   my $message = " " x 1024;
   $FormatMessage->Call(0x1000, 0, $GetLastError->Call(), 0,$message, 1024, 0);
   $message =~ s/\s+$//;
   print "$function: $message\n";
# user dialog to select printer
# page setup dialog selected since pages, selection and copies are not used here
# paper size and orientation shown instead
my $pd = pack("Lx16Lx42", 66, 0x140);
# pd_size, flags = RETURNDC | PRINTSETUP
$PrintDialog->Call($pd) or die "Cancelled\n";
# get device mode and device context
my ($devmode, $dc) = unpack("x8Lx4L", $pd);
# this part is just to print a notice line
# and to practice mucking with pointers in structures
# otherwise, examining devmode is not needed for GDI
# devmode is a handle to movable global memory
my $handle = $devmode;
# get actual memory pointer
unless ($devmode = $GlobalLock->Call($handle)) {ShowError('GlobalLock')};
# get perl to use long integer as a pointer
# and retrieve the printer relevant part of the devmode structure
$devmode = unpack('P104', pack('L', $devmode));
# release the global memory
unless ($GlobalFree->Call($handle) == 0) {ShowError('GlobalFree')};
# these strings are blank padded
my ($devicename, $orient, $duplex, $formname) = unpack('A32x12Sx16Sx6A32', $devmode);
$orient = ('Portrait', 'Landscape')[--$orient];
$duplex = ('', 'Duplex')[$duplex > 1];
print "Printing to $devicename on $formname paper, $orient $duplex\n";

my $dc = new Win32::Wingraph(device=>"$devicename",  desc=>'test', orientation=>'$orient') or die; #orientation=>'Landscape',
# "font, size, codepage" - the third argument is Windows font codepage
# if you don't supply this it'll be set to russian !!!,
# 0-westerneuropean, 238-polish, I don't know the hungarian ;(
$dc->SetFont("Times New Roman Bold, 12, 0");
$dc->TextOut(70, 180, "Blah blah blah");
$dc->MoveTo(70, 200);
$dc->LineTo(270, 200);
print "Start\n";
my $rp=new NPRG(dc=>$dc);
$rp->{'atbreak'} = sub {
         $rp->pushq({font=>'Times, 6, 0', opt=>'R', border=>'B',value=>'Very wisdom report about something '.$rp->pagenum(), width=>980});
                $rp->pushq({height=>20, value=>' ', width=>100});
                $rp->pushq({font=>'Arial italic, 16, 0', opt=>'-L',border=>'TBLR', value=>"Some header", width=>300, brush=>220},
                            {font=>'Courier Bold, 12, 0', opt=>'-C',border=>'TBLR', value=>"Another header", width=>250, brush=>220},
                            {value=>\&NPRG::drawmatrix, width=>400,
                                  [ {font=>'Arial Bold Italic, 12',value=>'Month', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'C'}],
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,8',value=>'I', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,8',value=>'II', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,8',value=>'III', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,8',value=>'IV', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'I', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'II', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'III', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'IV', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'V', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'VI', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'VII', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'VIII', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'IX', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'X', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'XI', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                                      {font=>'Times New Roman,7',value=>'XII', border=>'TBLR', opt=>'-C'},
                  $rp->pushq({width=>950, height=>3, brush=>0});
                  print "Here\n";
print "End\n";
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I've only seen it done with a system() call to rundll32.exe. Something like this:
# untested
$dll = "/Winnt/System32/mshtml.dll";        
system("rundll32.exe $dll,PrintHTML $file");
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Does win32 have any printer-type functions like "Select printer", "Printer Properties", "Page Size", etc...

Thanks :)

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