Ok - Ariel's solution (calling DESTROY) on the richedit controls before exit solves the crash for your example:)
I must admit I'm a bit stumped at the button hang - I was able to reproduce it. It must be something to do with TabFrame (probably a scoping issue) since if the buttons are created directly on the tab strip they work fine. I'm not to sure what to suggest - other than don't use the TabFrame package:)
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Thank you everyone for the replies to my Right Click problems, the issue is now solved.  However, I am having a couple more issues that I can not figure out how to get around.

The first issue is a known one, and it concerns a crash with RichEdit on 1.0 when exiting the application.  I have created Global vars for the RichEdit controls, but I still get a crash on exit, so I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong.

The next issue concerns a couple buttons that I have created and when I go to click on them the program just hangs.  I tried adding a BusyTimer to make sure that the program was hanging and the BusyTimer stopped spewing out information, so I know it hung.

Anyway, I have included some code below in hopes that someone can help me fix these issues.  Please let me know if you need any more information and I will gladly include it.