For those who don't know what a rebar (sometimes called "coolbar") control is:
It's basically like a tool bar that allows you to create bands where you can attach other controls or child windows. You can move these bands around. Rebar controls are used in a lot of applications, such as word processors where you might have the current style or font in a dropdowns in the "tool bar".
The rebar control is badly documented in win32::gui, and has various methods/functions missing and I suspect a couple of bugs - but the control works quite well. The example below, contains a rebar control with three bands. Two of the bands contain a child window. Each child window contains several controls (dropdowns, datetime and buttons). With the Steve's scroll bar example of a few days ago I have changed the way child windows are created, so they now act correctly (they do not take focus away from the main window). I assume that this is the correct approach?
In the next couple of days I'll try and find out what methods/functions/events are missing, as well as identify any bugs and create the relevant tracker items. I would be grateful for feed back on this example.