Hi, I'm having some trouble with DoModal and appropriate return values, and I'm hoping someone can help me...
At a very high level, here's a description of my program.  I'm hoping someone can explain to me where I need to put calls to DoModal and what functions should have what return values.
The program opens to a screen where users can select a patient.  Once they do they click a continue button.  A new window opens and the patient select window is locked (Modal?).  The new window allows the user to select a document.  Once they pick a document, they click a button that calls a pair of subroutines.  The first subroutine loads values out of some elements on the second window, and the second one uses these parameters to acquire one or more scans from a scanner.  It then calls a verify routine that displays another window with the image in it.  The user can choose to rescan the image, which goes back to the acquire function, or they can accept the image, which calls an upload routine then brings the select a document window back to the front, and should allow them to select another document and start over from that point again.
I had it mostly working.  The issue is that after they would upload the first image, when it displayed the select a document dialog, any interaction would generate errors about methods needing an object or package reference.  I THINK what's happening is that somewhere in the verify bit my select a document window is being inadvertently destroyed, possibly by a return value or some such.  Does anyone have an idea about what's going on or how to fix it?  I can provide the code if desired, but it's Pretty messy...
Thanks in advance,
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