I'm new to Win32::GUI, so please excuse me if this is a stupid question.
I'm trying to create two text fields, each with an UpDown control.  I'd like one box to scroll from .5 to 8.5 in .5 increments, and the other from .5 to 11 in .5 increments.
When I buddy the control with the textfield, it appears that the control is slightly taller than the textfield, which looks unsightly.
My next attempt was to not buddy it, but use size and position to place it, and then use the Scroll() method to update the text field myself when it's changed.  Although I've set the range to 0-17(so I can just divide by 2 and display the result...) , and set the initial position to 0, when I call GetPos() I get a value like 65537.
Can someone explain to me what's going on, and the best way to accomplish what I need to do?  Thanks!
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