In my view, Win32::GUI is very capable - much more capable than first impressions. It can be used to build large applications. There are a few issues with some of the controls missing basic functionality, but this is changing all the time. The major problem - in my view - is with documentation and examples - but hopefully this is being addressed to.
As for your points (for what it's worth!):
1) Not sure what you mean by selecting the greyed color image?
2) Not sure if you can change colors in a listview - however, look at the grid control:
3) You can change the colors in the progress bar - make sure you have the latest version of Win32::GUI
4) The status bar - you can control the size, just like any other control (Height, Width methods when the window resizes). If you have the latest version, you can split the status bar into parts, set icons and text to each part etc.
5) Dunno:)
6) Dunno:)
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Subject: [perl-win32-gui-users] Listview Colors and Buttons Images...

Hi All,

I am still trying everything in the GUI packages and I have some few
questions that I can not find a clue:

1)-When I use image on button, if you disable the button, the button is
completely dark grayed.
Is there a solution to select the grayed color or image:

$SaveAsImage  = new GUI::Bitmap('saveas.bmp',0,22, 22);
$SaveAsButton = $MainWindow->AddButton(
       -text    => "Save As",
       -name    => "SaveAsButton",
       -left    => 510,
       -top     => 440,
       -width   => 22,
       -height  => 22,
       -foreground    => 0,
  -visible=> 0,
  -tabstop    => 1,
  -tip=>"Save As",

2)-Is  there a way to switch between colors in the Listview, i.e. display
each row with different color

I can not even change the Listview foreground and background colors:

$Listview = $MainWindow->AddListView(
       -text    => "",
       -name    => "Listview",
       -left    => 408,
       -top     => 372,
       -width   => 252,
       -height  => 128,
  -visible=> 0,
  -addstyle     => WS_CHILD | WS_VSCROLL|WS_HSCROLL| 1,
  #-gridlines => 1,
  -checkboxes => 1, # see ItemCheck(INDEX)
  #-hottrack   => 1,
  -tabstop    => 1,
  -background => $BGColor,
  -foreground => $ForColor,
$ListviewC1 = $Listview->InsertColumn(
    -index => 0,
    -width =>245,
    -text  => "First Name",
 -visible=> 0,

3)- Progressbar: How to change the colors or Not.

4)- The status bar, you can not control its size or location, looks normal!.

5)- If I use the AddGroupBox to pack a group of controls, works very fine
except it disables the functions on the kids like the colors and Tabs.

6)-The Textfield in Multiline  mode, does not accept Enter when it is
by AddGroupBox, it only accepts Ctrl+Tab, any work around for this.

It would be very nice if anyone how has a good experiance and built a larg
using this GUI if he post a some code to help others understand the clues of
the functions
instead of everyone new is just trying and guessing.

Thanks all