I've just spent ages tracking down a problem in my code...it turns out that it was a simple typo - I spelt a method name incorrectly:) The program should have died, but it didn't - this is due to hook not propagating die.
The example below shows the bug in action - a timer sends a message to a window, which is then picked up by hook. As you can see, the programme should die but it continues on it's merry way.
Before I spend some time trying to fix this problem am I correct in assuming this is a bug?
#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Win32::GUI;
my $winTimer = Win32::GUI::Window->new(
     -name => "winTimer",
     -left => 50,
     -top => 50,
     -height => 200,
     -width => 300,
     -text => "test",
#hook the message
#add a timer handler
#create a timer
my $timTimer = $winTimer->AddTimer("timTimer", 100);
sub Message {
  print shift;
  die 'some problem';
  print 'do we get here?';
sub Timer {
  #send a message to the window which is picked up by the hooked message handler.