Jez, can you tell me what version of Win32::GUI you are using to be able to use this syntax?

When I try to run the code you suggest with my version of Win32::GUI, I get the following error:


      Can’t locate auto/Win32/GUI/ImageList/ in @INC


I looked through the Win32::GUI docs at

And don’t see that syntax documented





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You can use the GetIcon method of an ImageList object to return an icon from the original bitmap. You have to create the imagelist and load the bitmap into it first - a bit convoluted, but it does work.






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I use this in several of my applications, however, most of the time, I use GUILoft to build my UI.  In this case $win is my window or dialog and this should work exactly as if I built the window object manually:


my $icon = new Win32::GUI::Icon('icon1.ico');


note that it is expecting an icon object, not a bitmap object from my testing (I have not verified this).  Also,  if I remember correctly, icons used like this have to have some certain color depth and size limits or they will not work right.  It may be possible to convert a bmp to a properly formatted icon in code, but I would not know how (if someone has an example that does not require an external program other than a perl module, I would like to know about it).  I would also be interested if there is a way to create an icon from a dll resource file?


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Peter, thanks, but what I am really needing is an icon for a Window or DialogBox.

Not needing an icon for the system tray.  I was hoping to be able to use a small bitmap file

For the icon since I do not have an icon generator.


$Icon = new Win32::GUI::Bitmap("C:\\Bibles\\bible.bmp",1);     #    1 specifies icon type



$W->SetIcon($Icon,0);              #  0 = small icon, 1 = big icon



Does not do the trick.



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my $icon = new Win32::GUI::Icon("Icon.ico");


my $ni = $Window->AddNotifyIcon(
 -icon => $icon,
 -id => 1,
 -name => ni,
 -tip => "Mouseover shows this",




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Subject: [perl-win32-gui-users] How to change window/dialogbox icon

Can someone show me an example how to

Change the camel (perl) icon to a user-defined icon?

In both Windows and DialogBoxes?


I tried using Windows/DialogBox option       –icon  =>  $myicon,


Where $myicon is either defined as…


$Icon = new Win32::GUI::Icon("C:\\Bibles\\bible.bmp");


$Icon = new Win32::GUI::Bitmap("C:\\Bibles\\bible.bmp",1);


But neither work.