I have a ListBox that I load with 66 items maximum.


When I try and do a $LB->RemoveItem($item) with 58 items or more

In the ListBox, the program crashes.  It just ends without any error displayed.


58 is the magic number.  If I have 57 items or less, no problem removing an item.


I wonder if this is why Heinz 57 Steak Sauce got its name?

Heinz 58 or Heinz 60 just does not sound right.


Maybe more than 58 items spoils the recipe, and the ListBox?


Does anyone know if ListBoxes have a 57 item maximum in order

To function correctly?


Should I be presenting my question to this group, or would I be better off

Sending an email to John F. Kerry for him to discuss my problem with his wife?