Hi all,
Does anyone know how to use the -fill and -frame options with the AddLabel() method? Do they even work? I can't tell from the documentation whether I should specify multiple colors or just one, or whether I'm limited to the colors listed. I've tried every combination I can think of, and I'm getting nowhere. I can get  -frame => "etched"  to work, but then the text from my -text option disappears (so really, I can't get it working). I feel like I must be missing something obvious and simple. How hard could this really be?
Here's the documentation:
-fill => black/gray/white/none (default none)
      Fills the control rectangle ("black", "gray" and "white" are
      the window frame color, the desktop color and the window
      background color respectively).
-frame => black/gray/white/etched/none (default none)
      Draws a border around the control. colors are the same
      of -fill, with the addition of "etched" (a raised border).