Hi all,
I'm getting the following error when attempting to print images (inline bitmaps or .bmp files) using the Image() function of Win32::Printer:
"FreeImage is not supported in this build!"
According to the Win32::Printer documentation, bitmap support is achieved by copying FreeImage.dll "somewhere in your system path", which I've done to no avail.
Any ideas on how I can fix this problem, or any recommendations on a better way to print images? I do want the standard Windows "Print" dialog box to appear so the user can choose the printer and number of copies, etc. (BTW, I tried looking into Win32::API for this, but I got completely lost trying to figure out how to determine the prototype of the function being imported from comdlg32.dll and/or gdi32.dll).
Any help with Win32::Printer or Win32::API would be much appreciated!