Hi all,
I've discovered a weird problem: if I minimize all open windows by clicking the "Show Desktop" button (from the Windows Quick Launch area) right before I run my Win32::GUI program, my program window opens and paints itself properly, but then immediately "hiccups" and loses all its images. If I minimize and restore my window, or drag it off the screen and back on again, it then repaints itself correctly and everything is fine (I'm drawing the images to the window's DC and using Window_Paint to keep it painted).
In an effort to deal with this weirdness, I've tried calling InvalidateRect(), Redraw(), and Update() right after calling Show() without success (but I'm not exactly sure I'm using InvalidateRect() or Redraw() correctly anyway). I even thought maybe I could get the handle of the desktop and refresh the desktop first, but I don't think I knew what I was doing there either (and I have no idea if that would work anyway).
Can anyone explain in a simple and forthright manner exactly how to use InvalidateRect() and/or Redraw() to deal with this problem? Or does anyone have any better suggestions? Again, it only happens if I run my program right after clicking the "Show Desktop" button.
P.S. - I'd be happy to provide sample code off-list (my app is already past 7000 lines of code with all the inline bitmaps).