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Term::ReadLine::Gnu / News: Recent posts

Term::ReadLine::Gnu-1.35 was released

  • readline-7.0 support
    • new function
      • rlclear_visible_line
      • rl_tty_set_echoing
      • rlpending_signal
    • new variable
      • rl_persistent_signal_handlers
  • Gnu.xs: fix a bug of rl_readline_state variable causing on a big-endian, sizeof(int)==4, and sizeof(long)==8 platform with the GNU Readline Library 7.0. [ #118371]
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2016-11-03

Term::ReadLine::Gnu-1.34 was released

One more try...

  • ppport.h: update from version 1.0007 to version 3.31.
  • t/utf8_text.t: fix for the fail when PERL_UNICODE environment variable is set.
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2016-06-12

Term::ReadLine::Gnu-1.33 was released

  •, t/utf8_text.t: fix version checks for perl 5.10.0.
  • t/utf8_text.t: fix the number of skip for systems which do not support en_US.UTF-8 locale.
  • delete old formated 'use VERSION'
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2016-06-09

Term::ReadLine::Gnu-1.32 was released.

  • improve UTF-8 handling
    • UTF-8 decoding is done at the interface between Perl and XS. This makes it possible for UTF-8 strings to be get from the GNU Readline Library functions and variables.
    • add enableUTF8() method
    • UTF-8 support is enabled when STDIN is in UTF-8 by the -C command-line switch, or PERL_UNICODE environment -variable, or IN file handle has utf8 IO layer, or -enableUTF8 method is called.
    • pop IO layer only when stdio layer is pushed on utf8 layer to support Perl 5.8.x
  • rl_save_state(), rl_restore_state(), history_get_history_state(), and history_set_history_state() are finally implemented.
  • update RL_STATE_* definitions
  • fix rl_readline_state and history_legnth variable to be writable
  • fix rl_completion_quote_character and rl_completion_found_quate variable to be read only
  • update POD document
  • t/*.t: use Test::More and improved
    • t/utf8_binary.t, t/utf8_text.t:
      • use en_US.UTF-8 instead of en_US.utf8 for locale
      • force the GNU Readline Library 8bit through
      • add variable access test, IO layer check, verbose mode, etc.
      • use camel characters instead of Japanese kanji characters
    • t/utf8_binary.t: skip when PERL_UNICODE is set. [ #114185]
    • t/utf8.txt: use camel characters instead of Japanese kanji characters
    • t/callback.t: update comments and code clean-up
  • use some modern Perl features (but still in 5.8 era)
    • use file handle references
    • define export tags
    • comment out 'use vars' for subroutine name aliase
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2016-06-07

Term::ReadLine::Gnu-1.31 was released.

  • t/utf8_binary.t, t/utf_text.t: skip on non UTF-8 environment.
  • t/readline.t: skip the cursor move test for an active CPAN tester's environment
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2016-03-06

Term::ReadLine::Gnu-1.30 was released.

  • t/utf8_binary.t: add a fix to handle escape sequences which rl_initialize may output.
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2016-03-01

Term::ReadLine::Gnu-1.29 was released.

  • pop the stdio PerlIO layer only when utf8 layer is included for remote debugging. [ #110121]
  • call utf8::decode() for a UTF8-enabled input filehandle. [ #104239]
  • call newTTY() any time to set filehandles.
  • make use of 'our' instead of 'use vars'.
  • add tests for UTF-8 handling.
  • pass _rl_store_iostream 'FILE ' in stead of 'PerlIO '.
  • remove T_STDIO definition from typemap.
  • requires 5.8.1
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2016-02-29

Term::ReadLine::Gnu-1.28 was released.

  • Makefile.PL: revert a change on 1.27 which causes fail on the rlmalloc test on Gentoo Linux. [ #107201]
  • t/readline.t, t/history.t: use LC_ALL instead of LANG.
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2015-09-21

Term::ReadLine:Gnu-1.27 was released.

  • readline-7.0 support
    • new function
      • rl_callback_sigcleanup
  • improve POD documents
  • Gnu.xs: not to use obsoleted typedefs which were obsoleted by ReadLine 6.3
  • fix a wrong fix on 1.21 to let completion_function do case insensitive match. [ #72378]
  • fix rl_display_match_list to show the first entry of the array. The bug caused segmentation fault with readline-7.0.
  • some improvements of Makefile.PL:
    • add support homebrew on Mac OS X. [ #104389]
    • print an error string when system() fails.
    • specify 'int' on 'main()'.
    • use -O when -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE is defined.
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2015-09-06

Term::ReadLine:Gnu-1.26 was released.

  • Call ornaments() after rl_initialize() to set tty before calling rl_initialize() not to output some charactores to STDIO. [ #96569, #101196]
  • make handling of iostreams simple (make _rl_store_iostream() return void and remove _rl_fetch_iostream()) [ #101078]
  • Fix the Prerequisites section to require Perl 5.8 (it was equired since TRG 1.23.).
  • t/callback.t: add some new Tk-tests from CPAN Testers' site.
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2015-02-01

Term::ReadLine:Gnu-1.25 was released.

  • fix to call rl_initialize() after I/O stream setting. [ #96569]
  • t/readline.t: comment-out stty-command calls.
  • t/history.t, t/readline.t: print out the corresponding section names in the manuals of the libraries.
  • eg/perlsh: use 'IO' instead of 'FILEHANDLE' which Perl 5.20 warns. [ #100883]
  • Fix copyright notices to use the year of first publication.
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2014-12-21

Term::ReadLine:Gnu-1.24 was released.

  • fix not to make the PerlIO layer empty for Perl 5.8.9 or before. [ #59832]
  • update Pod document assuming the use of Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch.
  • t/00checkver.t: not to use 'display-readline-version') and "use Test;"
  • INSTALL: add "(Install) Using Package" section.
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2014-03-23

Term::ReadLine:Gnu-1.23 was released.

From Changes

1.23 2014-03-20

  • add description of the pager command bug in Perl debugger which causes segementation fault [ #121456]
  • fix not to clobber binmode layer (utf-8) on filehandles [ #59832]
  • support UTF-8 input as compatible with Term::ReadLine
    • Now Term::ReadLine::Gnu requires perl 5.8.0 or above
  • define Term::ReadLine::Gnu::ornaments method [ #93614]
  • Makefile.PL: Fix the URL of the bug-tracker [ #93680]
  • eg/perlsh: POD syntax fix. [ #93895]
  • README: add note for bug-tracker
  • INSTALL: update "1.3 Trouble Shooting"... read more
Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2014-03-19

Term::ReadLine::Gnu is on

Term::ReadLine::Gnu which has been developed since 1996 is on Feel free to join the development.

Posted by Hiroo Hayashi 2010-10-11