Pauly - 2004-11-05

First time poster on soureforge... Trying to put enclosures in my RSS using XML::RSS, but no matter what I try to add, the enclosure is ignored...

This is Dumper( %item )

$VAR1 = (
  'enclosure' => {
    'type' => 'text/html',
    'length' => '877',
    'url' => ''
  'link' => '',
  'description' => 'Just trying to get a catalogue form, and it won\'t accept my form submission from Mozilla. Someone fix it please, they have a nice kitchen table that we want. Had a similar issue with, can\'t tell if it\'s accepted my request ... (54 words)',
  'pubDate' => 'Tue, 2 Nov 2004 13:41:33 GMT',
  'permaLink' => '',
  'title' => 'If you blog it, they will come'

and then I
$rss->add_item( %item );

The item's added every time, but the enclosure is ignored... are enclosures not supported in RSS2.0? It's driving me mad... I'm off to investigate adding enclosures as a non standard module, but it should be part of the standard I'm sure...