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Bug fixes in Version 1.6

Please upgrade to version 1.6. It fixes a nasty bug
caused by bad packets sent by servers.

Posted by Tan S 2007-06-16

Version 1.5 released

Some users reported that they were unable to login with Version 1.4. Version 1.5 fixes the problem with login server redirection, hopefully.

Posted by Tan S 2007-06-15

Net::OICQ version 1.4 release

This release deals with Tencent's meaningless
changes to their protocol.

Posted by Tan S 2007-06-12

Net::OICQ version 1.3 released

This release uses Module::Build. A new script named win32qq is included for ActiveState Perl users. This script requires Win32::GUI package.

Posted by Tan S 2007-02-05

Version 1.2 End-of-summer release

Let's see how long it will take Tencent to break this.

Posted by Tan S 2006-09-05

Version 1.1 is available

Please let me know how this release works for you.

Posted by Tan S 2006-08-17

Net::OICQ version 1.0 released

August 8, 2006

Posted by Tan S 2006-08-09

Version 0.9 is released

Version 0.8 is unable to receive messages from Tencent's
newer clients due to new message formats.

I tested version 0.9 with Perl 5.8.5 on Gentoo 2004.3
and Perl 5.6.1 on Red Hat 7.2.

Posted by Tan S 2005-01-03

Warning message from Tencent servers

Tencent servers started sending warning messages to
perl oicq users. The message said that your qq version
is too old. You can easily stop the message by editing
All you need to do is to change line 112:
my $PacketHeader = pack('C*', 0x02, 0x07, 0x2e);
into this:
my $PacketHeader = pack('C*', 0x02, 0x08, 0x01);

Posted by Tan S 2003-05-08

Version 0.5 Released

Net::OICQ finally got rid of x86 assembly codes and
should be platform independant. You should be able
to install Net::OICQ on any platform now.

The encryption algorithm has been completely
reverse-engineered by Chen Peng.

Posted by Tan S 2003-02-09

Version 0.4 released

You can now change password.

Posted by Tan S 2002-11-21

Version 0.3 released

This is the first beta version of Perl OICQ. It provides
functions for adding and deleting friends, forbidding
contact, accepting/rejecting contact, managing local
user information, updating user information on servers.

Posted by Tan S 2002-11-16

Version 0.2 on CVS now

Net::OICQ Version 0.2 has been uploaded to CVS and is ready
to be checked out.

Posted by Tan S 2002-11-08

Version 0.1 Released

The released tar ball is not in CVS yet. It can be downloaded
from the home page of this project

Posted by Tan S 2002-10-31

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