Rum*or N,e.w_s,:,ology M'e,d_. I n+c.. (OT.C: O.NCO) a Ca'ncer Treat-m'ent So*lu.tions Gro_up is s*a i,d to h,a*v,e
exp erience-d o*v,e_r a 10 00% incr* ease in r'even*ues f+o'r t+h*e fisc al 3+r'd quarte r en-ding J*u,l-y,,
2+0 0*7 com-pare+d w'i+t_h t.h+e prio,r y_e_a*r wh-ile f'iscal fourt,h quar,ter res-ults f-o.r 2+0'0*7 a+r e on
tr-ack to e.xceed t.h*i.s year’*s thir d qua rter r,esults.
O'N.C O add'itiona_lly plan_s to i'ncre_ase se rvice o,ff+erings whic,h a_r e curre*n.tly under way-.
Don'’t w+a,i,t f,o.r t*h.e n+e w_s to c o-m,e o*u-t a.n'd l_o s-e t.h,e oppo_rtun.ity to g.e,t in fr.ont of the
gene.ral inve-s,ting public,. On+col*ogy M+e+d is in a mu ltibilli+on dolla.r in_dustr*y w-h_e_r.e
t'h.e-y a*r'e ga-ining mark,et sha re rapidl.y.
C.a+l-l y.o-u'r brok-er n,o,w f.o+r O N C-O+.