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Project Reborn!

With the development of the Bayesian Spam filter concept I have re-activated this project to host my bayesian antispam (with whitelist) smtp server.


Posted by John M Hanna 2002-09-18

Project discontinued -- see

I've personally discontinued using the Perl ESMTPD in favor of SpamAssassin's smtp proxy. See

I'll keep the esmtpd project here because I think the code has some merrit and some may want to borrow from it, but anyone who's interested in this project should definately see what they're doing at SpamAssassin.


Posted by John M Hanna 2002-04-01

Stable Release 0.9

Look, I don't want anyone to find this project, because I'm not sure I want to support it. But the thing is, this is a very cool tool for blocking spam, stoping email viri and administering email. It's fast, easy to set up, and contains the largest dictionary of spam blocking regular expressions I've seen anywhere. Now that it logs SPAM MD5s it is the by far the most effective tool I know about... and it's free.... read more

Posted by John M Hanna 2001-08-15

Perl ESMTPD Kickoff

Here we go... Let me know what you think of the project. Also, let me know about the best ways to block spam and I'll incorporat them.


Posted by John M Hanna 2000-11-03

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