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Perf-Vtune is created today.

Perf Vtune is an Intel Vtune substitute in Linux environment. It utilizes information provided by 'perf' to enable intuitive navigation of profiling data.

The goal of Perf-Vtune is be an multithreaded, performance-centric, low overhead profiling tool with highly intuitive GUI and script functionality.

For now, I decided to use C++ & QT to write this program. QT is portable across many platforms, it is written in C++ so performance is good; and most important, it looks native and pretty good on different platforms. C++ is the top choice for high-performance software.
Python is another good choice. But for an performance tuning piece of software, we should implement the dogma of squeezing last bit of performance, rather than aim for quick development.... read more

Posted by YUANFANG CHEN 2012-03-09 Labels: main()