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PerfSuite 0.6.2a3 released

PerfSuite 0.6.2a3 is now available.

PerfSuite is a collection of performance analysis software that can assist with a variety of methods and techniques useful for application software optimization. The current release provides support for analysis with hardware performance counters on Linux.

This is a significant update to PerfSuite that is the first version developed against 2.6-based Linux kernels (it may also be used with 2.4-based kernels). There are also numerous enhancements and bug fixes in this release. Please see the CHANGES file for a complete listing.

This release does not yet offer direct support for
ia64/Linux libpfm-3. This functionality is targeted for release 0.6.2 beta 1.


Posted by Rick Kufrin 2006-04-28

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