PerfSuite 0.6.2a1 released

PerfSuite 0.6.2 alpha 1 is now available.

PerfSuite is a collection of performance analysis software that can assist with a variety of methods and techniques useful for application software optimization. The current release provides support for analysis with hardware performance counters on Linux.

This is the first alpha release of the next version of PerfSuite, with many updates and enhancements. The package numbering remains at 0.6.x as the current development remains focused primarily on measurement through hardware performance counters and related capabilities.

Here is an incomplete list of several of the user-visible enhancements in 0.6.2a1 over prior releases. Please see the ChangeLog for complete details.

o Expanded libpshwpc API:

- new function calls provide access to performance counter data from within an application and associated inquiry functions. You can read the current values and process them programmatically, providing greater flexibility in monitoring.

o New performance measurement layers:

- new "perfmon" layer for IA-64 systems that accesses IA-64 hardware counters directly through the Perfmon performance monitoring subsystem. PerfSuite 0.6.2a1 supports libpfm-2.0 only; please refer to for more on Perfmon. We expect to include libpfm-3.0 support later in the release cycle.

- new "itimer" layer that enables profiling through interval timers in much the same way as profil() or gprof, but with the added flexibility of additional time domains, the ability to specify the profiling sample rate, and inclusion of shared libraries in the profile.

o Enhancements in the psrun command and underlying libraries:

- substantial rewrite of psrun for efficiency and additional flexibiity.

- psrun resource monitoring capability reimplemented completely.

o Enhancements in psprocess:

- many new features in psprocess, including new output format compatible with GNU gprof, optional calibration mode for counting reports, validation of input documents, ability to read from standard input, and many more. psprocess has been updated to work with the new performance measurement layers described above.

The 0.6.2 version of PerfSuite has been under development for over a year and should be rather stable, however you might want to maintain your current installation side-by-side while working with 0.6.2 alpha 1


Posted by Rick Kufrin 2005-02-04

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