PerfSuite 0.6.1rc1 released

PerfSuite 0.6.1 release candidate 1 is now available.

PerfSuite is a collection of performance analysis software that can assist with a variety of methods and techniques useful for application software optimization. The current release provides support for analysis with hardware performance counters on Linux.

This release contains all the features, enhancements, and bug fixes released to date. Barring serious problems uncovered in 0.6.1rc1, this will be the version released as PerfSuite 0.6.1 final.

Most of the changes in this release address bugs within the PerfSuite libraries or tools, and there are few user-visible changes in the tools. However, it is highly recommended that you update to this release for increased stability and compatibility with the latest versions of PAPI 3.

There are some internal changes in library data structures that require recompilation/relink for those using the PerfSuite API directly. These should require no source code changes to the calling code.

Posted by Rick Kufrin 2004-12-11

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