PerfSuite 0.6.1b3 released

PerfSuite version 0.6.1 beta 3 is now available for use/testing. PerfSuite consists of a small set of tools that can be helpful in software performance analysis. It uses PAPI (Performance API) for access to processor hardware performance counters and currently supports Linux/GNU on Intel IA-32 and Intel IA-64.

The set of tools included in this distribution are:

psinv: a command-line tool that provides information about the processor and available hardware performance events

psrun: a command-line tool that collects performance data in one of two modes: "counting mode" for aggregate counts or "profiling mode" for statistical profiling. psrun's input and output are XML documents. psrun is similar in function to SGI/IRIX's "perfex" and "ssrun" utilities in that it can be used with unmodified executables to acquire performance data.

psprocess: an example Tcl-based command-line tool that pre- and post-processes PerfSuite-generated XML documents. This is the component that presents the performance data to the user.

psconfig: a Tk-based graphical tool that helps with creating and modifying input XML documents for psrun in order to customize the measurements taken in a performance experiment. It also has a few additional features such as the ability to do keyword searches of PAPI standard event definitions.

Posted by Rick Kufrin 2004-03-05