Rui Liu - 2011-10-18

Dear Pavlush,

Sorry for the extended delay in reply. The preferred method of communication is by posting to the "perfsuite-users" mailing list. We rarely look at the "Feature Request" web page. It was by chance that I saw this message. :-)

This is already supported in PerfSuite. The libpshwpc library uses a configuration file, and counts or profiles a program accordingly. It can use the 3 itimer types, as well as a PAPI event to profile. Set the environment variable PS_HWPC_CONFIG to the full path of the configuration file and libpshwpc will use it. Some sample configuration files for profiling (and counting) are in the $PREFIX/share/perfsuite/xml/pshwpc/ directory, such as itimer.xml and papi_profile_cycles.xml.