Usability with perf_events (PCL)

  • Javier Delgado

    Javier Delgado - 2010-03-18

    Hi all,

    After searching the list, I see that there is work under way to get Perfsuite working directly with PCL. My question is, is it currently possible to get Perfsuite working with PAPI, if PAPI is using PCL. This is my current setup, and although everything compiles fine and 'psrun' generates an XML file, I get values of '0' for all the events in the resulting XML file. Is there something wrong with my system or is this a known issue with Perfsuite?
    I have verified that using PAPI by itself works fine.



  • Rick Kufrin

    Rick Kufrin - 2010-04-13


    Apologies for the extended delay in reply.  It is only by chance that we noticed you had posted in a forum (the usual mode of communication is through the perfsuite-users mailing list - you are the only person who has posted to a forum).  The answer to your question is that yes, PerfSuite can work with PCL through PAPI.  I believe PCL is now called "perf_events".  We are actively using it on a Nehalem system with kernel version 2.6.33, which contains support for perf_events.  We are using PAPI 4.0.2.



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