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DBIx-Perform-0.05 released

Very minor fix release. Lookup result fields now updated at once. New attribute keyword NOCOMPARE added for a handy hack.

Posted by Eric Weaver 2004-11-01

DBIx-Perform-0.04 released

Performulator 0.04 now up. Some warnings & bugs created by the addition of lookup fields in 0.03 fixed. Added-row readback implemented, so auto-filled fields (e.g. PO number) can be seen instantly. Edit interrupt is now Ctrl-C instead of DEL.

Posted by Eric Weaver 2004-06-16

DBIx-Perform-0.03 released

This adds subfields (partial column fields), lookup joins and a couple more control block operators.

Posted by Eric Weaver 2004-03-20

DBIx-Perform 0.02 released

This has been waiting to go out for half a year now, my bad. It has some control block functionality (e.g. AFTER EDIT OF field7 LET field8 = field7 + field6).

Posted by Eric Weaver 2004-02-07

Back to "DBIx::Perform"

Tim Bunce has convinced the other interested person(s) in the CPAN Module Namespace group that the proper name is DBIx::Perform. The original downloads file is restored (was just hidden anyway) and the change to DBIx::Informix::Perform will become a branch on the CVS tree, which can be merged to the trunk if we ever need it.

Posted by Eric Weaver 2003-04-06

Added to CPAN index

DBIx::Informix::Perform has been added to the CPAN module taxonomy and the file DBIx-Informix-Perform-0.01.tar.gz will be available therein on or about 2 Apr. 2003.

Posted by Eric Weaver 2003-03-30

Changing Name Already...

A CPAN namespace-keeper has informed me that since the name is trademarked we'll need to modify it slightly to comply and/or give credit where it's due.

Therefore this module is being renamed DBIx::Informix::Perform as soon as I can get the "paperwork" for that done.


Posted by Eric Weaver 2003-03-30

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