I am facing trouble installing pfmon. I have successfully installed the libpfm4.2. It passes all the tests in the tests directory. Then I am trying to install pfmon-3.9. However, when I try to make, it doesn't compile because it is not able to find the perfmon/perfmon.h header file. I searched for perfmon.h file online and put one in the required location. Now, it is looking for perfmon_x86_64.h. I can also search for that online but I am not sure if this is the correct way of doing it. Also, there are different versions of perfmon.h available online. 

Secondly, in the config.mk file for pfmon-3.9, there is a flag "CONFIG_PFMON_PFMV3" for enabling support to perfmon v3.x API which is switched off by default. I am not sure about this flag. 

I will really appreciate help in this regard.