I am trying to analyze performance for a variety of parallel applications using perfmon2; however, i haven't had any success yet.

For example, to collect the number of offcore requests, I used the following command (see below). But the printed message seems to suggest the reported count is a bogus value.

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks very much in advance,

pfmon --verbose --no-cmd-output -eOFFCORE_REQUESTS:ANY --system-wide --cpu-list=0 -- taskset -c 0 ./bin/canneal 1 10000 2000 100000.nets 32

selected CPUs (1 CPU in set, 8 CPUs online): CPU0
measuring at user privilege level ONLY
1 event set(s) defined
long  sampling periods(val/mask/seed): 0/0x0/0
short sampling periods(val/mask/seed): 0/0x0/0
[PERFEVTSEL0(pmc0)=0x5180b0 event_sel=0xb0 umask=0x80 os=0 usr=1 anythr=0 en=1 int=1 inv=0 edge=0 cnt_mask=0] OFFCORE_REQUESTS
pmd setup for event set0:
[pmd0 set=0 ival=0x0 long_rate=0x0 short_rate=0x0 mask=0x0 seed=0 randomize=n]
system wide session on 1 processor(s)
vCPU0 -> pCPU0
[32077] results are on terminal
waiting for [32078] to exec
starting process [32078]: taskset -c 0 /home/carole/parsec-2.1/pkgs/kernels/canneal/inst/amd64-linux.gcc/bin/canneal 1 10000 2000 100000.nets 32
CPU0 started monitoring
process [32078] terminated by signal, results may be incorrect
CPU0    stopped monitoring