Hi Stephane,
We need read some uncore performance counters by using "perf" from Xeon E5-2660 processor (family 6, model 45), we installed the libpfm-4.4.0. However the UNC_xxx events didn't show up. Here's the log I got by running example/check_events - it seems it detected those uncore events

Detected PMU models:
    [18, ix86arch, "Intel X86 architectural PMU"]
    [51, perf, "perf_events generic PMU"]
    [71, snb_ep, "Intel Sandy Bridge EP"]
    [80, snbep_unc_cbo0, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP C-Box 0 uncore"]
    [81, snbep_unc_cbo1, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP C-Box 1 uncore"]
    [82, snbep_unc_cbo2, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP C-Box 2 uncore"]
    [83, snbep_unc_cbo3, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP C-Box 3 uncore"]
    [84, snbep_unc_cbo4, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP C-Box 4 uncore"]
    [85, snbep_unc_cbo5, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP C-Box 5 uncore"]
    [86, snbep_unc_cbo6, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP C-Box 6 uncore"]
    [87, snbep_unc_cbo7, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP C-Box 7 uncore"]
    [88, snbep_unc_ha, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP HA uncore"]
    [89, snbep_unc_imc0, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP IMC0 uncore"]
    [90, snbep_unc_imc1, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP IMC1 uncore"]
    [91, snbep_unc_imc2, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP IMC2 uncore"]
    [92, snbep_unc_imc3, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP IMC3 uncore"]
    [93, snbep_unc_pcu, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP PCU uncore"]
    [94, snbep_unc_qpi0, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP QPI0 uncore"]
    [95, snbep_unc_qpi1, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP QPI1 uncore"]
    [96, snbep_unc_ubo, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP U-Box uncore"]
    [97, snbep_unc_r2pcie, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP R2PCIe uncore"]
    [98, snbep_unc_r3qpi0, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP R3QPI0 uncore"]
    [99, snbep_unc_r3qpi1, "Intel Sandy Bridge-EP R3QPI1 uncore"]
Total events: 3073 available, 663 supported
Actual    Event: perf::PERF_COUNT_HW_CPU_CYCLES
PMU            : perf_events generic PMU
IDX            : 106954752
Codes          : 0x0
PMU            : perf_events generic PMU
IDX            : 106954755
Codes          : 0x1

However the "perf list" only shows "pre-defined", "ix86arch", and "snb_ep". Can you tell from the above information what would be like the problem? The kernel version is 3.2.37-94

Thanks and appreciate!

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 2:30 PM, Stephane Eranian <eranian@googlemail.com> wrote:

I am happy to announce that libpfm-4.4.0 has finally been released.
It was way overdue but I decided to delay to include Intel Haswell
desktop core PMU and Intel IvyBridge-EP core PMU support.

Highlights of this release:
- Intel Haswell desktop core PMU
- Intel IvyBridge desktop core and uncore PMU
- Intel IvyBridge-EP core PMU
- Intel SandyBridge uncore PMU
- Intel Knights Corner
- Intel Atom Penwell, Cloveriew core PMU support
- AMD Fam15h Northbridge support
- ldlat modified to support PEBS-LL
- Intel SandyBridge, Nehalem, Westmere event table updates
- IBM Power7 event updates

The new tarball is available at the usual place:

Thanks to all the contributors.

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Best regards,
Qingyuan Deng
Department of Computer Science
Rutgers University

Best regards,
Qingyuan Deng
Department of Computer Science
Rutgers University