Hi all,

I know this mail list is used for perfmon2, but since perfmon2 stops after 2.6.30, and now I am using perf instead. I have one question on using perf tool, and hope you can give me some help on this.

The question is, can 'perf stat' can collect performance information globally instead for one single command? During my use of perf, I found I have to specify the command for perf to measure performance. But in one paper, the authors are able to collect the information without one command, and I cannot redid this on my own machine. I think this may due to version problem, or some other?

For example, for the command "perf_3.2.0-29 stat -a -C 0 -e rc0", in my execution, it gives me the error information along with the usage of perf stat.

Any idea on this? I really need your help!

I am sorry for this no-related question, but I cannot find any other maillist on this tool.