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-.TH LIBPFM 3  "May, 2010" "" "Linux Programmer's Manual"
+.TH LIBPFM 4  "September, 2009" "" "Linux Programmer's Manual"
 libpfm \- a helper library to develop monitoring tools 
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 the parameters needed to invoke the kernel API. It is important to realize
 that the library does \fBnot\fR make the system call to program the event.
-\fBNote:\fR You must first call \fBpfm_initialize()\fR in order to use any of the other
-provided functions in the library.
 A first part of the library provides an event listing and query
 interface. This can be used to discover the events available on a specific hardware 
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-When the library is initialized via \fBpfm_initialize()\fR, it first detects the
-underlying hardware and software configuration.  Based on this information
-it enables certain PMU support.  Multiple events tables may be activated.
+When the library is initialize, it first detects the underlying hardware
+and software configuration. Based on this information it enables certain
+PMU support. Multiple events tables may be activated.
 It is possible to force activation of a specific PMU (group of events)
 using an environment variable.
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 .B [pmu::][event_name][:unit_mask][:modifier|:modifier=val]
-.B [pmu::][event_name][.unit_mask][.modifier|.modifier=val]
 The components are defined as follows:
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 to specify additional options, such as specific processor models or stepping.
 Additional parameters necessarily appears after a comma. For instance,
-Set this variable to 1 to enable encoding of events for non detected, but supported,
-PMUs models.
-Provides a list of PMU models to disable. This is a comma separated list of PMU
-models. The PMU model is the string in \fBname\fR field of the \fBpfm_pmu_info_t\fR
-structure. For instance: LIBPFM_DISABLE_PMUS=core,snb, will disable both the Intel
-Core and SandyBridge core PMU support.
 Stephane Eranian <eranian@gmail.com>
 Robert Richter <robert.richter@amd.com>
-libpfm_amd64_k7(3), libpfm_amd64_k8(3), libpfm_amd64_fam10h(3), libpfm_intel_core(3),
-libpfm_intel_atom(3), libpfm_intel_p6(3), libpfm_intel_nhm(3), libpfm_intel_nhm_unc(3),
-pfm_get_perf_event_encoding(3), pfm_initialize(3)
+libpfm_amd64(3), libpfm_intel_core(3), libpfm_intel_atom(3),
+libpfm_intel_p6(3), libpfm_intel_nhm(3), libpfm_intel_nhm_unc(3),
 Some examples are shipped with the library