Hi Christian,

1) Currently, there is no way to do it.

2) Correct, PI's JLM does not show locking in java.util.concurrent.locks since these locks use a different mechanism.
I believe there is a tool called the jucprofiler that can give you info about j.u.c locks.
The jucprofiler is part of the Multicore Software Development Kit available at
Currently there's no plan to support j.u.c in PI's JLM.


Milena Milenkovic

Christian Schuhegger <Christian.Schuhegger@gmx.de> wrote on 08/08/2010 08:40:14 AM:

> Re: [Perfinsp-list] Trying to compile performance inspector on Ubuntu 10.04

> Christian Schuhegger

> to:

> Milena Milenkovic, perfinsp-list

> 08/08/2010 08:40 AM

> Hi Milena,
> I finally managed to get JLM running. There were several manual tweaks
> required to get there :)
> Independent of that JLM is the only tool that I found so far that does
> what I want: give me a prioritized list of locks that shows which locks
> are contended the most.
> I have to questions:
> 1) Is there some way to find out which source code corresponds to the
> lock? For example if code uses a plain Java Object as its lock object,
> how can I find out from where this is coming from? In principle I would
> need to write my code in such a way that every lock that I use is an
> instance of a special class only to be able to identify which lock was
> meant in the output of the JLM tool?
> 2) I've read somewhere that JLM cannot deal with
> java.util.concurrent.locks. Is that correct? If yes, is there a plan to
> add support for that into JLM?
> As said above: up to now JLM is the only tool that I found that does
> what I want. Many thanks for that!
> Have a nice day,
> --
> Christian Schuhegger