We did not provide support for PPC, only PPC-64.  However, there is someone that has ported the PI tools to a PPC-32 base.  I am checking with that person.  I don't know what differences are needed in those files between PPC and PPC-64, but I suspect that some differences are needed as the performance monitor counter support has different SPR numbers for 32 bit vs 64 bit.  If you don't need counter access, then you might try to take the files from the ppc64 directory and see if you can get them to compile.

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05/10/2005 04:33 PM

[Perfinsp-list] PPC Files missing in drivers patch

I am trying to patch my 2.4 PPC Kernel with the Performance Inspector distribution. The Makefile that is created in the drivers/pi_inspector directory references two files in the ppc directory for a PPC build. These files are pi_cpuinit.o and pi_perfcnt.o. The sources for these objects were not found in the patch where corresponding files for other architectures were found (driver patch).
How/where can I obtain these files to complete my patch and build process?
Thanks for any help.