As far as I can tell, jvmpi.h is included in the JDK I’m compiling with:


[root@wal-sapp-18 jdk1.5.0_22]# find . -name jvmpi.h


[root@wal-sapp-18 jdk1.5.0_22]# pwd


[root@wal-sapp-18 jdk1.5.0_22]#


Is there some other way (other than specifying the JDK path when running tinstall.appl) that I need to point the compile to that particular include file?


Thanks in advance,





From: Milena Milenkovic []
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 2:14 PM
To: Mark Stoltzfus
Subject: Re: [Perfinsp-list] Compile issue on 64-bit RHEL5 using JDK1.5


Hi Mark,

It seems that your JDK does not include jvmpi.h, which is required for the current Performance Inspector compilation.
You can download an IBM Java 5 SDK, for example ibm-java2-sdk-5.0-12.2-linux-i386.tgz from
You can either use this JDK for PI compilation, or just copy its include/jvmpi.h  to Dpiperf/include/jvmpi.h and rerun tinstall.appl.