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Meet us at the CeBIT

Once again the PEP team is present at the CeBIT fair in Hannover. Come and visit us in Hall 9, stand C21. We are presenting the PEP addon project P-UMLaut.

Posted by Christian Stehno 2006-02-27

The PEP tool and Debian (fixed)

We found out in the last days, that PEP Net editors are not working on Debian systems. The usual error message is "alloc: invalid block...". The error had not been encountered before, since PEP runs fine using our test platforms with SuSE Linux installed.
We have, however, tracked down the error and have fixed it. If you use the current CVS version of PEP, everything should already work. A new release will definitely come before end of this year.
A short error description: The error was raised from Tcl memory subsystem due to a failed call to Tcl_Free. Corruption of the memory has been done by some PEP calls, which still used the deprecated direct change of interp->result pointer using sprintf calls. All of these calls have now been replaced by Tcl-C functions and should work reliably.

Posted by Christian Stehno 2004-12-17

Release 2.0beta4

Yes, I finally found enough time to check everthing again and pack the release.
This time a lot of updates concerning GUI and net simulation had been done. Check the release notes.

Please note that the sun binaries are now also compiled with gcc3, so you won't be able to use it if you are still with gcc2 only.
The new externals package is version 1.2.0. It features some new model checker (dssz-ctl and -ltl) and lots of new versions of the tools. If you want to use graphviz for automatic layout of automata, youu have to install it separately, as it is just too large to be included. Same holds for Tina (due to polyML).
The tool qq makes some problems under cygwin, same holds for smv. While the latter will be probably replaces by NuSMV in the next release, I will try to patch qq to make it work in the next days.
If you encounter problems with this release, please report them with the bugtracker of the PEP project at Sourceforge.... read more

Posted by Christian Stehno 2004-09-10

New release 2.0.beta3

Ok, here's the new release. All cygwin users shoudl definitely update, since at least beta2 did not work under cygwin. I did not see the problems at startup, so I decided that cygwin users could wait for a new release as only some compilers did not work well. Sorry for this, but I simply had no time for any kind of real testing.
This release is tested, at least the startup should work ;-)
Moreover, this release should also work with MacOS X, so feel free to download the sources, read the compile instructions and build your own version. If you made a clean compile, you can send me the tarball so I can add the file to the file release system of SourceForge.
But also the Linux/Unix users will get some benefits from using the new beta3 since I fixed a lot of (minor) bugs, mostly within the user interface.... read more

Posted by Christian Stehno 2004-05-28

Release 2.0beta2

It's out for Linux and cygwin. Solaris and Sources have to wait for another 8 days due to my holidays in the next week.
Please send bug reports and feature requests to the tracker lists, I will scan them during my holidays, too.

Posted by Christian Stehno 2004-03-29

Case studies

I'm planning to reorganize the PEP Examples and set up some web pages to present larger case studies made with PEP. Therefore I need some feedback with descriptions, PEP files and maybe papers or technical reports on these studies.
Please support the PEP development with your feedback!

Posted by Christian Stehno 2004-02-18

Meet the PEP team at CeBIT 2004

Due to the presentation of a different project of our group on this year's CeBIT, the PEP team will be around there, too. Everyone is invited to come to Hall 11, Stand A21 and talk about further developments, check the latest release (scheduled for late february) or even join the team!
Look out for "KerMod", which is out current project (cf., to be release via SourceForge very soon, and ask for PEP ;-)

Posted by Christian Stehno 2004-02-18

New release 2.0beta1

Yes, I've finally made it. A new version, stable enough to call it a beta.
This version needs Tcl/Tk 8.4, libxml2 and libxerces-c.1.7.0 to
run all programs, but you might get along with less if you do not need all programs (i.e. not all programs have all preconditions). The windows version needs cygwin and all the tools stated above installed under cygwin.

Starting with this release, all external programs are available in a separate file for download from the project's web page at read more

Posted by Christian Stehno 2003-10-31

Sources available

I finally made it - the sources are somewhat stable and I uploaded them to the SourceForge CVS Server. Feel free to check out and compile them yourself. The next binary release will follow very soon, I'm just cleaning up a little bit.
If you want to contribute to the PEP tool you're invited to join the developers team.

Posted by Christian Stehno 2003-10-08

Project site online

I finally made it! The PEP tool SourceForge project is online. Some binary files are already downloadable, the sources will take some more time to fix the state of the repository. Please contact me by mail to get the sources before they are released.
Feel free to join the developers team (I know that this is not much worth without having the code available...).


Posted by Christian Stehno 2003-08-01

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