this is kugendran naidoo from south africa. i together with kurt van meerbeeck will be adding some new features soon.

some of the things to look forward to are :

a.) use of sql*plus copy over named pipes (where     possible) for more speed over networks
b.) integration with kurt's pretoria (extracts
all create table scripts from show=y)
c.) support for migrating from oracle v7.x
d.) support for more unix platforms - soon to
    be tested on hp-ux and linux
e.) support for expst/impst when available
    (very platform and version specific from
     an oracle point of view)

cheers and best of luck to all you dba's out

don't forget to ask about some features you want to see - if we think its cool and useful you'll
get it - or why not try to help us and you write
it ? we're happy to include good, efficient and
well implemented ideas to the project

one thing only - you can forget us ever making the
script inter-active - its big bang or nothing