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Ah, here's some feedback with versions 1.12 and 1.08 of
the GPU plugin; comment are made mainly as according
to Chrono Cross and FF9, and some on BoF 3 and BoF 4.
Uhh, I hope this is in the correct section!

Chrono Cross
*The performance of v1.08 was largely satisfactory. The
framerate was extremely smooth in most cases, and ran
at an appropriate rate in sync with the music (Eternal
SPU plugin). Occassionally, when switching between
window and full screen, the music tends to freeze for a
while, repeatedly playing jammed music (SPU fault?).
Noticed flaws: moving through the game's elements
screen in battle tends to be jerky and slowparticularly if
the menu has many component elements in it, and
affects the music as well (fixed in v1.12). Holding down
the 'select' button in battle, which hides the statistics
window of the characters, always has a detrimental
effect on the framerate and music, usually freezing and
skipping past a lot of frames (WORSE in v1.12). The key
items menu tends to flash when brought on-screen
(fixed in v1.12). Other than these, this version is one of
the best I've come across!
*For v1.12, I think I have to point out that the framerate
was indiscriminately enhanced, as the music plays at a
wild pace whenever the screen swiches to another
screen. Great in that it's fixed quite a number of
problems found in v1.08, except the one with holding
down the select button in battle. Now, the screen
freezes entirely, though in essence the music and the
game itself continues running, so that when the button is
released we are returned to another part of the battle.
This version is fine except for these problems.

Final Fantasy IX
*Still doesn't show the command boxes in battle, which
makes it a trifle tiring to try and wade through the game
fighting like berserk. Due to this, I've never advanced
much further, and don't have more observations. Umm, I
feel that v1.08 still runs more smoothly and in sync. :P

BoF 3 and BoF 4
*Literally perfect, at least for v1.08. Not quite tested
with v1.12 . Oh yeah, there's one. When switching
between other programs or when switching between
window and full screen modes, sometimes the special
effects typical of battles do not display. A compliment on
this: this is one of the first GPUs I've used that has
properly presented the 'solidarity' of these battle
effects! :) Most other drivers usually show them like
solid opaque blocks of polygons. Which isn't very

Right, that's it! Most of the time I still use v1.08, rather
than v1.12. Mostly, what's missing is the command
boxes for FF9, which seems to be a feature most other
*not as good* GPUs sport already, though, so it would
be nice to see this feature sometime soon. Mmm, if
there are any replies, send to slivers7@yahoo.com
Thanks for the attention!


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