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Weird Effects

  • Benjamin Schieder


    I'm using pcsx 0.9.500 and play Star Ocean: The 2nd Story.

    When opening a menu, the menu flickers and is... well not really rotated, but it's at an 45 angle.
    The game doesn't crash and I could control the menu if I knew where the buttons were...

    I've used the precompiled plugin as well as a self-compiled one.
    I've also tried all of the Special Game Fixes, but unfortunately none worked.

    I'm using Debian unstable with a self-compiled 2.4.16 kernel
    GeForce 511 TV Graphics Card
    1,8GHz P4-Prozessor
    512MB Rambus

    Any help is appreciated,


    • Benjamin Schieder

      I just figured something out.

      By using "No Stretching" the image is clear, but it's a bit annoying to always disable it before using a menu.
      Also it's still flickering

    • Pete Bernert

      Pete Bernert - 2002-01-05

      thanx for the report, that will be fixed in version 1.4


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