Resolution changing in soft gpu?

  • Landslide

    Landslide - 2004-07-25

    the p.e.op.s. team are doing a great job on this plugin, it seems to be the most compatible plugin out there and you dont need to configure it for each seperate game. i have never found glitches in games using this. i think there is just one thing that could be implemented to make this plugin the best. A way to select the resolution and play in full screen??? instead of the 320 x 240 resolution which you have to scale or stretch? it would look nice if it could just run at higher resolutions and you'd see a bit more detail. would that be possible? that would make it the ultimate plugin. please guys can you have a think about it and see if it can be done? thanks so much. -Landslide

    • BinaryMadman

      BinaryMadman - 2004-07-26

      I have been hoping that they would implement multiple screen resolutions as well.  I like this plugin very much as well.  I have nearly all epsxe compatible plugins and this is the best out there.  It would be a perfect GPU Plugin if resolution could be bumped up higher than 320 x 240.  I forget what it is actually called, but it would also be pretty cool if they implemented something similar to Pete's OpenGL's sprite blending (all i remember is the word sprites in the combobox)???  That really gives games a smooth, rather than jagged, look during game play (Gran Turismo for example).

    • Landslide

      Landslide - 2004-07-28

      I wonder if the authors will see this. I know its a free plugin and they do it in their own spare time and they're under no obligation, but im sure they see that if they could do this, it will make it THE top plugin and will turn psx emulation into a literally plug and play thing much like the N64's Project 64 emulator + Jabo plugins where you just fire it up and its working with more or less every game.

    • BinaryMadman

      BinaryMadman - 2004-07-30

      Come to think of it, i don't think i have ever had a playstation game fail on me.  I own only about 6 games but they do work great on this plugin.  I'm a developing programmer and i am surprised at the sheer amount of features that come with this plugin. Especially since it is something that they do in their spare time.  In most cases the features don't even have to be set beforehand.  As i have stated, i have many plugins and most crash if you try to run the emu before cofiguring them.  As for whether the authors will see this, i think only pete checks the boards out.  Unless there is one that i have not noticed is an author.


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