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Velocity 7
  • Velocity 7

    Velocity 7 - 2001-11-14

    I'm new to the SourceForge forums, but I have a couple of suggestions for this version.

    So far, the plugin looks pretty good. However, I think there should be some additions, like:

    1. When video capturing, a "frame rate scale" seems too complicated. Someone should replace it with a box saying "expected FPS of output video". When we put in 29.970, which is probably what's expected of NTSC, etc. You get the idea.

    2. When video capturing at half or quarter mode, the video seems a bit pixelated. Maybe someone should add a feature for anti-aliasing (although it might slow down the video capturing speed, it would improve the image)

    3. Please add support for DivX 4.02 ( Although I can use DivX 3.0, I'd like to use 4.02.

    4. Please add sound capture support as well (which would require another dialog box asking what is the SPU plugin, so that it can capture SPU data)

    Before I conclude this report, I'd like to ask a question about Final Fantasy 7. As you know, the OSV soundtrack plays at a certain speed. When I was emulating FF7, it seemed that the music was running slower than usual, even though the game speed was okay. If at all possible, I would like some suggestions on how to fix this little music speed problem (besides setting the FPS to 65, which would affect gameplay).

    Have a great time adding code to this Open Source project! :p

    • Pete Bernert

      Pete Bernert - 2001-12-09

      Well, the video recording is maintained by Darko, so I dunno if my answers are 100% right... I'll try to answer anyway ;)

      1.) dunno
      2.) the video qualitity is controlled by the video codec you use... try them all to get the best results
      3.) nearly the same answer as 2.): if you have a DivX4 codec installed, you should be able to use it.
      4.) that's impossible right now (and maybe ever). The gpu can't "talk" to the spu plugin, and therefore you can only record the video display with the gpu. Mmm... I think some spu plugins are able to record the sound as well, so maybe you can use some movie tool to combine both?


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