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Building PEOpS GPU

  • Lindsey Dubb

    Lindsey Dubb - 2002-08-29

    What files are needed in order to build PEOpS GPU? NASM?  Any other stuff?

    Under Visual C++, I get
    "The following environment variables were not found
    $(MSVCDIR)", which suggests to me that I'm probably missing a path or package. Is MSVC some kind of version control?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2003-01-29

      That message means that the environment variables needed for compilation haven't been set. These environment variables are needed because it simply allows the compiler to know where all files needed for compilation are located.

      Setting these environment variables is done by running the batch file VCVARS32.BAT, which is usually located in the <Visual Studio Dir>\&lt;Visual C Dir>\Bin directory, where the dir names between brackets should be replaced by whatever is appropriate for your installation of Visual Studio. If you can't find it on your own, just do a file search :)

      The best thing to do is to call this batch during the startup of your computer.
      In the case of Windows 9x, this is done by adding 'call <path where vcvars32 is located>\vcvars32.bat' to autoexec.bat.
      In Windows 2000/XP, you might try adding this same line to autoexec.nt located in the Windows\System32 directory. I haven't tested this myself though, since I don't use WinXP often and therefore haven't got Visual Studio installed in XP.

      Oh, and MSVC is not some kind of version control. MSVC simply stands for MicroSoft Visual C. $(MSVCDIR) simply points to where Visual C is installed (when VCVARS32 is properly run of course).

      Hmm, this has become quite a lengthy response, but I think I made it clear now ;)


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