#34 Unexplained flashing in 1.9-1.10

Shane Maene

I just started up Spyro for the first time in quite a while, and
discovered that with frame skip on, I get very bright, disruptive
flashing that is constant during the opening scene (where he flies
around). Although it has been said that frame skipping should be
off before reporting any bugs, it seems that there might be a
significant bug behind this, as I've gone back and checked, and
this behavior has only occurred since 1.9. Additionally, the game
plays more slowly than 1.8 and earlier, but that seems to have as
much to do with the flashing as with anything else. If you could
check into this, I would be appreciative, as I like to think that
everything that has worked is working as well as it ever has, or
better, and, as emu authors, I would think you would as well. If you
need screenshots, e-mail me--otherwise, I think I remember
seeing some evidence on Pete's site that he has Spyro, so I
should think there's no problem there :) . Thank you.


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