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  • Wouter

    Wouter - 2014-07-23

    I needed to add some #includes to make the code build under mac os X (Mavericks, clang, Qt4). Where can I submit a patch?


  • - 2014-07-23

    You can send me the patch by mail or create a fork of the repository on Sourceforge and do a merge request. I haven't created a patch tracker yet because so far there was no need for it. Currently, the only place to discuss development issues is the pentobi-devel mailing list.

    As for the Mac port: I can apply your patch but I cannot support the Mac officially because I do not own a Mac and it is likely that the compilation will be broken again in the future. I you (or someone else) are willing to step up to the plate and become a maintainer of the Mac version, you should subscribe to pentobi-devel, state your intention and I will send a notificaton there when I am planning to do a new release such that it can be tested on the Mac before the release is done.

  • Wouter

    Wouter - 2014-11-18

    I made a merge request. I'd love to step up but I'm afraid I just don't have the time. As in, I cannot do a full test for all dependencies (Qt4/5, clang/gcc) etc. This particular change is minor enough to probably work for all flavours though.

  • - 2014-11-18

    Thanks, I merged the commit with the missing includes. Were you able to use Pentobi on the Mac without problems?

  • Wouter

    Wouter - 2014-11-19

    Yeah, it worked fine. The only small issue was that the program opened up hidden behind other windows. That might be a Qt thing though.

    Pentobi is a great Blokus implementation, I'll try to keep an eye on it :)


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